The World Impact Alliance is a private initiative that brings together companies, institutions and influential communicators and researchers to find and apply solutions to priority challenges in health, environment, poverty and education. 

Our goal is to maximize the positive impact organizations and societies generate in the world, while reducing the negative effects of their activity, thanks to effective social and environmental strategic projects and innovative solution models. 

In order to realize its goal, The world impact alliance has two main lines of action: WIA Services and WIA Activities. 

WIA Services: 

WIA Services is a Social Impact Consultancy specialised in maximize the positive impact and reduce the negative effects of public and private organizations in society and the environment. 

WIA Consulting

Social Impact Innovation 

Create new sustainable business opportunities that can generate an impact through innovation and creativity.

Social Impact Consultancy and CSR Strategy

Research, analysis and personalized strategy creation to optimize your organization´s positive impact in the World.

Training on Social Impact for leadership and teams 

Providing intensive social impact education, training and consulting to leaders and teams with the Skills, knowledge and corporate culture based on maximizing profit while generating a positive impact with the available resources. Step by step social impact and purpose driven business practices implementation and techniques with case studies, frameworks and resources.

WIA Communication 

WIA Services communication experts develop bespoke communication strategies for public and private organizations that want to expand the reach and influence of their actions, fostering social impact while communicating their value proposition

WIA Communication projects include the communication strategy and branding, copywriting and graphic design and video production; social listening and user participation and social media challenges that allow audiences to be a part of the solution, celebrities, influencers and media to reach millions of people, audio branding, concerts and music video production to increase engagement and emotional connection and event organization to bring projects to life. 

WIA Activities: 

WIA network of global ambassadors, political and business leaders, experts, celebrities, digital influencers and social impact drivers. 

WIA 500 Solutions for a better world, Existing solutions and models to foster poverty reduction, innovation, environment protection, health research and a new education paradigm with specific blueprints, resources, action plans and guidelines for all kinds of stakeholders, as well as government and corporate best practices.

WIA Top 500 influencers for a better world list, remarkable individuals that are generating outstanding contributions 

WIA Social Impact Global Summit, A Forum that  connects problems with solutions, problem solvers, best practices and impact collaboration opportunities

WIA Social Impact Awards for remarkable  projects, initiatives and efforts made by organizations and individuals 

WIA Impact Investment Introducing investment opportunities to investors that not only generate positive economic returns of investment, but also create a positive impact in society and the environment. Funds can help scale and grow solutions that can expand their positive influence while generating profits for both the project creators and the investors. 

WIA Social Impact media, a media group focused entirely on social impact action to inform and inspire us all to generate a positive contribution. Content includes initiatives that are being developed, entertainment concepts that leverage the popularity of celebrities and influencers to advocate for impact and live streaming of development projects. 


WIA advocates for a “Doing well by doing good” or “for profit social impact” approach, where any organization or individual that actually contributes to generate a positive impact can benefit from doing so with  social recognition, positive image association and economic rewards for their work. This way the effort and talent required will better find the motivation needed to make the world a better place in a sustainable way. 

WIA aims to impulse impact centric business creation for companies and purpose oriented career development for individuals. 

WIA believes that the public – private collaboration has still an extraordinary potential to foster initiatives and it works to present innovative concepts and collaboration opportunities that can allow institutions and companies maximize the results of their partnerships. 

There are millions of people that would love to be part of the solution, but do not know what they can do, nor they have the right motivation to do so. That is why WIA projects are structured within a public – private – social collaboration approach, that allows individuals from all around the world to contribute with their action to achieve our common goals. 

Tourism for good: Leveraging the potential of the tourism industry to maximize social impact. Providing concrete solutions to allow 1 billion tourists to engage actively in providing value while traveling. Impact experiences, tourism development for poor communities, volunteer tourism, responsible tourism models for both the industry leaders and the travellers themselves. 

WIA Commissions: 


WIA Education Commission has the goal of improving the current education system to make it more effective to help students adapt to an ever changing and disrupting economy. 

1) Design and implement innovations that can help students get more skilled and able to a) Prosper b) be healthy and happy c) provide value to society. WIA Education runs pilot programs in schools, universities and other education partners to test models and innovations, and then use success case studies to advocate for actual changes in public and private education organizations

2) Creating free practical open online programs to help individuals create opportunities for economic development, with special focus on underdeveloped areas and people in need that can benefit from entrepreneurship, ecommerce, digital marketing and sales skills. 

WIA Healthcare Commission focuses on accelerating the research and innovation process to prevent and cure disease by connecting experts and organizations that can advance faster working together in results oriented, structured, online and offline knowledge exchange and collaborative initiatives. 

Research and innovation contests and startup competitions

Crowdsourcing solution finding, 

Connecting potential solutions: 

in intensive problem solving initiatives 

And Connecting work: Directly introducing thousands of researchers working in specific problems to share initiatives, successes and failures, reduce duplicities, collaborate and advance faster in the fight against health conditions.


WIA Environment Commission focuses its work in finding and impulsing actual solutions for problems that harm the environment.

  • Waste cleanup and prevention
  • Pollution reduction
  • Animal protection
  • Circular economy and net positive impact
  • Operational sustainability


WIA Poverty Commission focuses on poverty alleviation. Its main goal is helping lift disadvantaged communities out of poverty in a long lasting sustainable way.

Ecommerce solutions to sell internationally locally made products

Crowdsourcing services through the Internet to generate jobs

Tourism for good, including generating tourism flows to areas in need and trips with social action experiences


Entrepreneurship and personal economic development education programs, including key skills in ecommerce, online marketing and the use of internet to generate development opportunities for individuals and communities alike


  • Influencing influencers: Connecting and facilitating collaboration between political, business and communication influencers
  • Experts prioritization: Connecting top multidisciplinary experts to define priorities and most likely to succeed action lines for problem solving
  • Crowdsourcing: Breaking down problems into smaller tasks and crowdsourcing them globally
  • Startup contests: Startup competitions focused on specific challenges that can help solve world problems
  • Model solutions: Compiling government and corporate sustainability, social impact and problem solving best practices, successful models, solutions, blueprints, tools, actions and procedures and sharing them with organizations and individuals
  • Already existing solutions: Promoting existing solutions and helping its global implementation
  • Education, training and consulting: Providing intensive social impact education, training and consulting to governments, companies, schools, universities and individuals
  • Optimized volunteer days: Leveraging volunteer days in companies to put in use the skills and knowledge of employees to actually solve problems
  • Communication: Social Impact communication campaigns that enables the audience to be a part of the solution
  • Advocating social impact regulations: Creating regulation proposals and laws with proven solutions in different political languages to facilitate its implementation regardless of the party set to rule a country
  • Framing social movements: Framing social movements and trends with specific solutions and a clear calls to action to all relevant stakeholders with accountability checks


  • Public – Private – Social collaboration
  • For profit Social Impact – Doing Well by Doing Good
  • Finding, applying, scaling and promoting existing solutions
  • The power of education to avoid and solve our biggest current and future challenges
  • The positive effects of Impact investing
  • Focusing in priority problems first and avoiding duplicity of work
  • Breaking down big challenges into smaller solvable tasks
  • Allowing everyone to be a part of the solution based on capacity
  • The importance of providing a clear sense of what can be done and giving economic or social rewards to those who contribute
  • Results oriented impact strategies
  • Corporate Responsibility is vital to a company’s strategy and positive for business
  • Our capacity of generating a bigger impact if we work together and we have an effective strategy
  • Impact advocacy based on best practices and successful case studies
  • The importance of communication
  • The power of crowdsourcing tasks
  • The use of technology and the internet to solve global problems