Henkuai – West China Relations 

Henkuai helps Western companies and institutions achieve their goals in the Chinese market and Chinese organizations in the West through consultancy, business intelligence, marketing, public affairs and corporate relations. 

  1. Strategic consultancy 
  2. Communication and Marketing
  3. Celebrity and Key Opinion Leader promotion
  4. Public Affairs
  5. Corporate relations 
  6. Business Intelligence
  7. Business Development

Leader in Communication and Relations with China

  1. Consultancy and training
  2. Communication and Marketing
  3. Public and Corporate affairs


Our value proposition

We believe societies from China and the West can benefit enormously from a deeper mutual understanding and closer relations

Companies / Institutions / Media Groups from China and the West interested in fostering partnerships, exchange knowledge and resources


Why China?

China has become one of the most relevant superpowers in the World. China can be our client, our provider, our investor or our competition, but either way, it affects us and its influence will keep growing rapidly in the future. In the new world order, understanding China, its market and society, positioning our organizations and establishing more and deeper connections with Chinese partners has become imperative for companies and institutions.


It is difficult

The cultural differences, the language barrier, the geographic distance, the different way to do business, the speed of change, the unique role of the Government, the differences in the consumer needs and corporation demands, make it very difficult for foreign companies and institutions to work in China and collaborate with the Chinese organizations


The current situation

Most foreign organizations don´t have the information they need nor the means to acquire it, don´t have the right strategy to avoid risks and generate sustainable profitable business strategies, fail to communicate their brands, products, services, political or economical value propositions because they simply don´t know how to adapt to the Chinese market, what to communicate and through which channels, and tend to never get good results because they lack the right connections and the know how of what they need to do in order to succesfuly collaborate with Chinese partners and sell to the Chinese consumers


The solution

Companies and institutions need the right information, strategy, communication and relations in order to succeed in China. Without those elements it will be impossible to achieve any result, and considering the importance and influence of China in the new world, not having the right posititioning in China is now not an option.



During the last 7 years, Henkuai has helped more than 100 top organizations to improve their relations between the West and China, providing valuable information, creating profitable strategies, communicating effectively their value proposition and generating powerful connections with relevant companies and institutions that allowed them to generate better results.


What we can do for you

  1. Market information
  2. Consulting and training
  3. Communication and marketing
  4. Corporate and public affairs