Some of the Carlos´s latest speaking engagements (Dec 2019 – June 2020) 

  1. Carlos Sentis speaks at the Closing ceremony of the World Youth Forum(complete)
  2. Carlos Sentís Session for IE Business School – Africa on Personal Branding and Career Development
  3. Ramadan Kareem, Carlos Sentís message in Arabic to the muslim community in difficult times
  4. Skills for growth in a disrupted world after COVID19 – Professor Carlos Sentís Session IE Africa
  5. Egypt Ministry of Youth and Sports Global Citizen: Carlos Sentís 
  6. Carlos Sentís speaks with DMC TV about COVID19
  7. Carlos Sentís Speech on the online African Youth Conference
  8. Carlos Sentís 霍天杰 Alibaba Tourism Workshop: Marketing and Impact Tourism
  9. Carlos Sentis video message for the Scholarships And Awards Education Summit in Egypt 2020
  10. “You are our future, our present and our only hope”, Carlos Sentís virtual masterclass
  11. Cómo afrontar la crisis económica, Sesión por Carlos SentísUCIENDO
  12. Carlos Sentís speaks on the recovery of the Tourism Sector, Argentina Chamber of Tourism 
  13. Carlos Sentis interview in Egyptian National Television DMC (complete)
  14. World Youth Forum “Fostering Mediterranean Regional Cooperation in Addressing Common Challenges chaired by President Al Sisi
  15. King´s College University in Nepal: COVID-19 and aftermath effect in Marketing strategies & Action | ft. Carlos Sentis & Kings College
  16. Carlos Sentís message in Arabic for the Ministry of Youth of Egypt, Global Citizen Radio Show
  17. Live interview in Chinese with Shenwei, Chinese Tourism top influencer 
  18. Entrevista a Carlos Sentís para MeetIn: Liderazgo, relaciones internacionales y la recuperación tras COVID 
  19. El referente de China, Forum Business Travel 
  20. Horasis Global Visions Forum: Carlos Sentís – Leadership, Democracy, Technology, Education and Social Impact for the new world